DBYDADWAY is a design label focusing on textiles born from DADWAY, a supplier of child-rearing gears from all over the world.

DADWAY Supreme Textile Quality:


Thanks to a special structure of the gauze weave, Dadway fabrics are excellent in absorbing moisture as well as releasing it, quickly retaining dry conditions.


The weaving structure of the fabrics allows easy passages of air, so you can be sure your baby is comfortable and not steaming in them. Air layers formed between stacked sheets of gauze also help with air permeability.

Cotton fibers are gentle to the skin because their tips are rounded, increasing in softness every time they are washed, and becoming familiar to the skin each time they are used.







The textile is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Material: 100% cotton


Products Featuring:

Muslin Gift Set – Basic:
A perfect baby gift set containing:  swaddle + bib, package size: L11.62” x W8.67” x D2.56”

Muslin Gift Set – Premium:
A perfect baby gift set containing:  swaddle + bib + strap covers + muslin ball + washcloth, package size: L14.57″ x W12.6″ x D3.94″