With the concept “I wish there would be such a thing,” [e.x.p japon] has accommodated the desires of mom and dad with a stylish and elegant utility hook for strollers.  
[Yoshikaz Kawakami] incorporates lacquer and glass in its works. The designer collaborates with URUSHI Japanese lacquer artisans in hopes of reviving the traditional craft of lacquer ware making in his neighboring regions.  
[harukami] is a series of Japanese Echizen washi paper boxes characterized by their soft and organic forms. The [moln] line is inspired by clouds in the sky while [cobble] is a line of containers that resemble a pebble that you may find along riverbanks.  

Combining a traditional craft “Kanazawa foil” with “tatting lace,” the Ishikawa-based company [H2O Inc]. created a line of gorgeous and lightweight jewelry [Gold-Knot].

[Safuji] specializes in handmade genuine leather items. The products feature seamless design with minimally stitches on the surface. Safuji WorkShop
[CHIKAKO YAJIMA]’s jewelry making begins with challenging the pre-custom concept. Her signature designs are complimented with intricately folded sateen ribbons looped together.