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Our original writing paper in “MD PAPER PRODUCTS” was developed in 1960s and makes a unique sound when you write.

“MD PAPER PRODUCTS” make best use of the unique appeal of paper to focus on the writing experience. All our products are simple and made in Japan.

When considering the value of writing on paper in today’s world, we recommend “MD Paper”, a product that we have used since the 1960s, constantly seeking to improve and hone in on the comfort of writing. What is the universal quality that naturally emerges from inherent characteristics? This is the question we continue to ask ourselves as we create products with “MD Paper”.

In the course of everyday life, there are often things that we want to jot down. For the many people that feel this way, we create paper that never changes. We continue to protect the machines and processes, as well as the eyes, hands, and thoughts, of the people who create “MD Paper”.


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Since the birth of “TRAVELER’S notebook” in 2006, “TRAVELER’S COMPANY” has continued to create products that you can use to make every day a journey.

With a focus on the raw material brass, which develops a unique character as time passes, “BRASS PRODUCTS” were released in 2010. We further added “SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK” to our lineup, with pockets and craft paper that leverages the paper’s quality. In order to pursue and enrich our theme, we changed the brand name from “MIDORI” to “TRAVELER’S COMPANY” in 2015. After that, we embarked on new journeys through various collaborations and products.

“TRAVELER’S notebook”

JPTamerica_signboard_TRC-02has a leather cover that ages and becomes better with use, and the simple notebook is easy to use. We hope it tempts you to go traveling having this notebook in your hand. Please write down at random what you feel or what you think in the café you dropped into during your travels. Besides, you may find a new feature every day, going to work, having this notebook in your hand. It may change your life!