tepluste means “hand+hand” in Japanese. It offers a collection of original products that encourage people to reconnect with nature and rediscover the small delights that exist around us.

Hinoki Cypress, prized for its fragrance, beauty and therapeutic properties, has been used to build Japanese temples, shrines, and bathhouses for centuries. In order to give each Hinoki tree its necessary nutrients, sun exposure and space, it is customary to perform thinning on the mountains. However, a decreased consumption of domestic wood due to the spread of inexpensive imports and a resulting shortage of local woodcutters impede the practice of this necessary process, threatening the health of Japanese Hinoki forests. Promoting and using products made of thinned wood, which goes wasted when unused, will help sustain the forest industry and ensure the proper management and protection of Hinoki trees in Japan.

“Hinoki HandMake”  

HANDMAKE is a DIY kit made from thinned wood that allows users to create their own cutlery and kitchen utensils. Rich in natural oil and known for its softness, durability as well as antibacterial properties, Hinoki is the perfect wood for a DIY project both for beginners and professionals.

“Hinoki Body + Home”

te plus te’s products are infused with unblended Hinoki essential oil, which has a warm woody aroma with a clean soft citrus note, inspiring a feeling of restoration and a sense of tranquility. Highly regarded for its spiritual as well as medicinal qualities, Hinoki oil is known to relieve tension and stress, has a decongestant effect, soothes and heals bites, cuts, stings, scrapes, and burns.