“Maruju Co. Ltd”

Founded in 1922, Maruju Co.,Ltd is a fabric company that specialises in design, printing, fabrication and processing (conditioning) of textile materials such as linen and cotton. Maruju Co.,Ltd is located in Nagoya, in Japan. Our muslin products use natural materials, and they have a special softness that makes them gentle to the delicate skin. The muslin lets air breathe through these products easily, making them hygienic as well. All processing and sewing is done in Japan.


IKUE, the Maruju’s collaboration project with a Singaporean design team Supermama, is a collection of baby necessities washcloths, blankets, onesies, etc. It comes with new color spectrum using vivid colors and earthy tones on muslin. With its fun patterns IKUE babywear makes a fashion statement appealing to both children and adults


This new collection, ‘Animal Camouflage’ includes baby blankets, handkerchiefs, bibs, amongst others that are designed for children of all ages. The ‘Animal Camouflage’ by Supermama (winner of the President’s Design Award, Singapore 2013) seeks to create moments of play, imagination and conversations in the everyday life. The craft of fabric layering creates a new haptic dimension to the collection.


Bibs, Blankets, Handkerchiefs, Onesies, Scarves and Towels



Menpu Masda features a variety of household and personal care products made with the highest quality muslin 100% cotton.