tepluste.comHandMake Hinoki Collection : Craft your own cutlery from Hinoki wood and carve out time for relaxation and creativity. Enjoy the soothing aroma of the cypress as you shape your unique and useful piece. Sustainably sourced using Forest Stewardship Council approved methods, this product fosters healthy woodlands and the cultural and economic longevity of small communities in Japan.

Body and Home Collection: Captures the essence of Japanese nature. The line focuses on the quality of ingredients; the recipes are simple and as natural as possible to be gentle to our bodies and the environment. There are no artificial fragrances or additives in our products. Exploring the principal scent of Japanese culture uncovers new sources of inspiration. more info > www.tepluste.com

Safuji WorkShop

Safuji – specializes in handmade genuine leather items in Tokyo, Japan. Its products feature unique designs so stitches are minimally shown on the surface. The seamless design allows users to appreciate the true qualities of leather and enjoy its aging process to the full extent. Feel the sensation of pure and luxurious leather. more info  > view more on Safuji.com

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Carmine JAPANCarmine JAPAN Wallets

Two designers Mika Nakamura and Komako Oki started “Carmine,” an accessory company based in Tokyo, Japan, with a motto “Enjoy Accessory!” These products are adorned with pops of color and vivid patterns – somewhat unusual on leather- that keep you cheery and energized. Carmine collaborates with bustling local leather industry in developing original material mostly from pigskin.

Carmine Material